Deciding Whether or Not to Have Laser Hair Removal Done

If you are tired of trying to remove body hair that you don’t want on your own at home, it might be time to seek medical help. One way to have unwanted hair removed in a clinic setting is to have laser treatment for hair removal. But deciding whether or not to have laser hair removal done requires a lot of time and research. You shouldn’t just wake up one morning and decide to do it. There are a lot of things to know about how the method works and what it feels like.

Lasers Work Even Shortly After Shaving
You don’t need to have a lot of unwanted hair showing in order to have laser treatment. So, you can shave or wax to prevent embarrassment between appointments, if you want to. The lasers can still target even the smallest amount of hair growth that is showing against the background of your skin.

Similarly, lasers don’t need to be used to remove a lot of hair. There are some people who go in wanting large patches of hair removed, but lasers can also be used to remove just a few problematic hairs. It all depends on your own personal needs.

Laser Appointments Don’t Take Long
If you travel to a local clinic to be treated by a laser hair removal device, you can expect the process to take a very short time. The appointment itself should be done in under an hour. Even when you add travel time to go back and forth to it, you will save tons of time in the long run. That’s because you may be able to go weeks or months between appointments, whereas you would be shaving or waxing at least once a week if you used at-home hair removal methods.

Discomfort from Lasers is Minimal
One myth that keeps many people from having laser hair removal done in a clinic is that it will hurt quite a bit. The reality is that the clinician should numb the treatment area well. So, you aren’t likely to feel much of anything except some heat from the laser. It’s definitely more comfortable than electrolysis, or even waxing your hairs away at home.

The Down Side is the Repetition of Laser Treatments
The biggest issue with laser treatments is that they have to be done over and over again. That means that there will be ongoing costs involved, as well as the occasional inconvenience of going to your local clinic. But when you think about it you would be spending a lot of extra time shaving and waxing at home. You would also spend a lot of money on products relating to that waxing and shaving. So, in the long run, lasers might be the better option for you.

Other Side Effects and Issues Relating to Laser Treatment
Lasers can cause minor side effects for some people, such as temporary blisters. In very rare instances they can even cause major burns for people with certain skin types. The best way to avoid any of those issues is to talk to your clinician. They can let you know exactly which lasers will work best for someone with your skin type and pigment.
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