Why it pays to use a professional spray tanning service?

Spray tanning – the new way to get that gorgeous sun kissed look is fast becoming a fad in the U.K. While you may be gearing up to get stunning this season, it is always prudent to use a professional spray tanning service, especially if you are tanning for the first time.

A professional spray tan can help you get the perfect tan you are looking for adding to your general well-being and feel good factor. A fake tan in a way is always better and a healthy alternative as it helps you avoid the harmful UV rays of the sun. Most professional spray tanning service use eco-friendly, sulphate free spray tanning products blended with fruits and natural extracts which leaves your skin looking healthy, soft and glowing. Moreover, the spray tanning machines used are of the highest quality.

There are a number of beauty salons that provide spray tanning services apart from those salons that particularly provide spray tanning services only. It takes about 10 minutes to apply the spray tan. Different strength of solution is used to achieve different shades depending on the skin type, and the kind of colour desired. The tanning reaction takes about 6 to 8 hours to develop and lasts for about more than a week after which it starts to fade. The spray tanning service also comes with after care service. Most of these services are available for weddings, prom nights, tan parties and such other occasions. It is always advisable to take appointments for a consultation on the services offered and set up and break down and the spray tan.

The good thing about professional spray tanning service is that it comes with the do(s) and don’t(s) of spray tan. Spray tanning professionals go the extra mile to ensure that your tan does not look fake or orange instead they try to keep it natural with the use of top quality spray tanning products. Spray tanning by an expert helps in providing a more even application of the tan with no patchy or pale parts. What’s more a good tan will always help you feel confident besides making you look radiant.

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In order to make your tan last listen to what the experts say. According to spray tanning professionals, it is advisable to stay away from chlorinated water to avoid your tan from fading. You could use a ‘top up’ tan to keep your tan from fading that needs to be applied after five days of your last spray tan. Spray tanning is always a safe option than the natural sun tan but if you suffer from allergies or breathing difficulties then spray tanning may not be an option for you. Go prepared on the day of your spray tan. Ensure that you are not wearing deodorants or perfumes and moisturizers as it may prevent permeation of the tanning solution on the skin. Do apply nail varnish as the tanning procedure may end up discolouring your nails.

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